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Due Diligence

Given WISE’s vast experience of installing monitoring stations and reviewing configurations and data they now undertake monitoring station due diligence on behalf of Clients and investors.  A due diligence exercise may consider:


WISE identify issues with remote monitoring stations at the 24/7 control room and will either notify a Client or undertake remedial action on their behalf which may be undertaken remotely, or by way of a site visit.

For common faults WISE can rely on its own inventory or spare parts in country, which allows for quick remedial action enabling maximum data acquisition and quality.

All WISE personnel monitoring the equipment and undertaking the maintenance are trained to international standards.


WISE has been involved in the installation of renewable resource monitoring stations all over the world. Depending on the Clients requirements, either a specialist WISE team will be sent to what is typically a remote location or a trained local subcontractor will work in tandem with WISE to deliver the installation of:

Triton Certified Partners

The Triton Certified Partners listed here work hand in hand with Second Wind to deliver services that include:

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24/7 operations

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