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CLP make WISE choice


In January of 2011, Hong Kong-based CLP Group, one of the largest investor-operator of power assets in the Asia-Pacific region, commissioned WISE Sentinel to manage the data services for its solar monitoring installations. The tasks that WISE has performed to date include:

1.      Collecting and cleaning historic solar data dating from October 2009 on behalf of CLP.

Solar Dawn gets WISER.


In late June, the Australian Government announced WISE Client ‘Solar Dawn’ as the preferred solar thermal power project in Round 1 of its Solar Flagships Program.WISE congratulates Solar Dawn consortium members including AREVA Solar, CS Energy and Wind Prospect CWP on their success!

Due Diligence

Given WISE’s vast experience of installing monitoring stations and reviewing configurations and data they now undertake monitoring station due diligence on behalf of Clients and investors.  A due diligence exercise may consider:


WISE identify issues with remote monitoring stations at the 24/7 control room and will either notify a Client or undertake remedial action on their behalf which may be undertaken remotely, or by way of a site visit.

For common faults WISE can rely on its own inventory or spare parts in country, which allows for quick remedial action enabling maximum data acquisition and quality.

All WISE personnel monitoring the equipment and undertaking the maintenance are trained to international standards.


WISE has been involved in the installation of renewable resource monitoring stations all over the world. Depending on the Clients requirements, either a specialist WISE team will be sent to what is typically a remote location or a trained local subcontractor will work in tandem with WISE to deliver the installation of:


Crucial to our service is the ability to translate data patterns, pre-empt any issues and deliver meaningful reports to clients. Our weekly and monthly reports deliver the right information to help you make the right decisions.

Daily Alerts

If a Client requires daily monitoring of any aspect, WISE will continually monitor and issue an alert in the event of a prescribed anomaly.

Weekly Reports

Data received by WISE is analysed by our experts on a weekly basis to identify any anomalies including:

Data Management

The WISE approach to data management dramatically improves data capture and quality, reducing development costs and increasing value. The standard WISE Data Management package includes:

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24/7 operations

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