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Who needs a CSMCS



A CSMCS is designed to increase the quality of soil respiration data. There are several reasons for needing this high quality data and therefore potential uses for the CSCMS:
1. Agriculture
  1. Increased quality of soil carbon data will improve local landowner’s knowledge of soil quality.
  2. Monitoring soil health is key to implementing long term beneficial farming practices.
  3. The higher the soil carbon level of the land the more productive it is.
  4. O2 respiration levels can be used to project the correct ripening times for crops.
  5. Many grazing properties are already sequestering large amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. As the need increases, these soil carbon figures can be used to generate passive income for the farmer by selling Carbon sink credits.
2. Industry
  1. Monitoring methane respiration on a long term basis is of great importance to the mining industry
  2. Accurate real time soil respiration data will ensure heavy industries taxes and levies are properly appropriated
  3. This data will ensure governments have accurate accounts for the funding taken from industry for their emissions.
3. Government
  • Increased quality and quantity of data will provide government:
  • An ability to properly account for CO2 sequestration in soil.
  • Actively monitor CO2 sequestration in accordance to UNFCCC guidelines.
  • Improve agricultural soil quality inturn resulting in healthier agriculture sector.
  • Improve ability to project future CO2 sequestration.
  • A status as world leaders in soil carbon monitoring and CO2 sequestration in soil.
  • Properly account for, in real time, CO2 sequestration and report to global governing bodies with real hard figures.

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