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Wind Farm Supervision

24/7 Operations

Since 2006 WISE has been undertaking 24/7 365 days a year wind farm operations supervision roles for seven wind farms of over 100MW in UK, Australia and Ireland. The scope of services typically covers:

Service Reason Frequency
Site connection and monitoring Ensures communications are up, and turbine status checks undertaken Hourly
Remote resets Reset of turbines continuously, increasing availability around the clock Hourly
Alarm logs download and analysis Proactive analysis of alarms, also enabling long term records of alarms Hourly downloads, daily analysis
Instantaneous temperature download for gearbox, generators and hydraulics Used for weekly temperature trend analysis 3 times a day
Production data download Continuous relative production analysis immediately can identify anomalies, particularly generator faults 3 times a day
Operations log download   3 times a day
Continuous reporting Communication with Client on as needs basis Continuous
Monthly reporting Overview of the project for the preceding month Monthly

24/7 operations

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